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Investors: Make money with Solutions 3D!

We're investors, and we are pleased to work with other investors. Most investors have techniques they specialize in, geographic areas they're most familiar with, and so forth. Maybe you specialize in rehabbing...or lease options...or preforeclosures. Maybe you buy and hold...or perhaps you buy (or control without buying) and quickly resell. Maybe you're more familiar with Baltimore or Prince George's County...or Prince William or Loudoun.

You get the idea.

If you're interested in working with us, please complete the form below. We won't overwhelm you with e-mails and we won't sell, lend, or trade your name or contact information with anyone else. Only if something comes along that we think you'd be interested in will we pass it along. And, similarly, if we run into a situation in which we need some support, and it's an area you're strong in, we'd like the opportunity to contact you.

NEW: Our investor bookstore! We've collected some of the best e-books and software from all over the Web and put them all on display on one page. They address the topics you're interested in: wholesaling, foreclosures, rehabbing, probate, and more. Plus software on positive affirmations and thinking. They're affordable and instantly available. Order them right now . . . even if it's 2 am . . . and you can be reading and profiting in literally minutes. Most come with bonus books, programs, forms, letters. These are complete programs! Take a look. Click here

A great collection of e-books. Click here!

Click here to download Bird Dog Marketing Program

NEW: Interested in birddogging? We offer $1,000 or more for referrals that lead to tenant/buyers for our properties, or for properties that we sign up for lease-options. Click here to download our free Real Estate Bird Dog Opportunity Program manual (in PDF format).

Solutions 3D gladly pays referral fees to anyone who refers a property, seller, or buyer to us and with whom we conduct a transaction. We're not able to help everyone, but we'll try. If someone has a home they're trying to sell, we'll try to identify the best way to buy it. If someone wants to purchase a property, we'll try our best to find one from them--either from properties we already have or properties we're able to locate.
If you refer a potential buyer to us, and they buy a property from us, we'll pay you a minimum of $1,000.
If you refer a potential seller to us, and we're able to buy their home--or find a buyer from among our list of buyers--we'll pay you a minimum of $1,000.
If you're really serious about getting started, download our Real Estate Bird Dog Opportunity Program manual. It contains everything you need--a description of what we want, a lead submission form, an independent contractor agreement, and more!

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Investor Resources
Northern Virginia County/City Databases
Determine a property's owner, assessment, characteristics, and more.
Click here.
A collection of interactive map sites. Pinpoint your property.
Click here.
Sites that offer free online comps.
Click here.
Government-Owned Homes For Sale
Current information about single family homes for sale by the U.S. government. These previously owned homes are for sale by public auction or other method depending on the property.
Click here.
Bird Dog Information
We'll pay you $1,000 or more if you find us a tenant/buyer for one of our available properties, or if you find us a property we decide to lease-option. For more information and marketing materials...
Click here.

Educational Material on Ebay
Ebay contains a wealth of real estate educational materials, often at a substantial discount from the original price. Browse the contents here. You can bid manually on a sought-after item. Or use a tool like the one linked below to bid automatically for you--with more control and more bells and whistles than Ebay's automatic bidding process.

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