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Solutions for those difficult situations.

A little bit of straight talk: For perhaps 85%-90% of your listings, especially in a seller's market, you don't need Solutions 3D. If a house shows well and is reasonably priced...if the owners aren't in a hurry to sell but need all of their equity from their current house...then, frankly, they're better off with you.
You see, we don't consider ourselves and real estate agents as competitors. Instead, we're partners. Because we can help you and the homeowner in the more challenging situations. For example: 
  • If you have a listing from someone facing foreclosure and there just isn't time to sell the property conventionally, we may be able to make an all-cash offer and close in two weeks or less. Even if the homeowners want to remain in their homes after a "bailout," we may be able to help. (Frankly, that's more difficult, but there are ways to help people in a preforeclosure situation and let them remain in their homes without engaging in unethical or illegal practices such as "equity skimming.")
  • If your listing is about to expire and the owner is talking about renting the property if it doesn't sell, we can propose a lease-option that will work for both your client and you. For a flier that explains the benefits to the homeowner and to you, click here.
  • If the property is "unusual"--for instance, an unconventional building, or one occupied by a "horder," we have solutions for those situations that will work for the owner and for you.
  • If the property is in poor condition--maybe it needs $30,000 in repairs, maintenance, and upgrades--and the owner just doesn't have it...or doesn't want to spend it...we can help.
  • If the sellers are "upside down"--maybe they bought at the peak of the market, or maybe they have a negative-amortization loan--and they'd have to bring money to closing...we may be able to structure a solution to reduce their negative cash flow that will result in a sale for you.
  • If your client wants to buy a property, but can't qualify for the mortgage (whether due to "credit glitches," low income, or an insufficient inventory of acceptable homes), we can help.
Those are just a few examples, but you get the idea.
Further, when a real estate agent is involved in the transaction, much--perhaps all--of your commission can be paid up front, rather than having to wait months or years hoping that the option portion of a lease option is finally exercised. And that opens up a new way to market those difficult properties or find properties for those unusual clients. Just think of Solutions 3D as a buyer for those difficult-to-sell properties.

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