The Teppers (Don, Diane, and David)
Driving Directions
Our address is: 12175 Queen's Brigade Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030.
From the Beltway
Many of you will be coming here from the Beltway. So these directions pick up at the Beltway.
Beltway Exit 49 (Route 66 West)
Go 8.76 miles to Route 7100 South - the Fairfax County Parkway. (On some maps, it's "Jack Herrity Parkway.") There's only one exit from Route 66 to 7100; once you're on the exit, take the second turnoff.
Go 2.5 miles to the Braddock Road exit. (On some maps, it may be marked "Route 620.") There's only one exit from 7100 to Braddock; once you're on the exit, bear right to Braddock Road west. (If you miss the Braddock Road exit from 7100, you can continue to the next intersection--Popes Head Road. There's a traffic light there. Make a right onto Popes Head Road and go until you reach a 4-way stop with Colchester Road. Make a left onto Colchester. The entrance to Colchester Hunt is about a mile from this point; see the directions below.)
Once on Braddock, go 0.9 mile.
Turn left onto Colchester Road. (Colchester is on the left only, not on the right. There's a left-turn lane onto Colchester. They're putting up a stop light at the intersection, but as of today--November 1--it's not functional yet.)
Once on Colchester, go 1.9 miles.
Turn left onto Saddle Horn Drive. That's the entrance to our subdivision. There are brick entry walls marked "Colchester Hunt."
Go one block on Saddle Horn. Turn right onto Queen's Brigade Drive. (The first right.)
Go approximately 0.2 miles on Queen's Brigade. You'll see a cluster of mailboxes and paperboxes on the right and a green sign indicating 12173, 12175, 12177, and 12179 Queen's Brigade Drive. Turn right here. We're the second house on the left.
If you need directions from another location, please call or e-mail us.
NOTE: Below you'll find links to Yahoo! for a map of our area and for interactive driving directions. One slight problem: The Yahoo! map has misplaced our house slightly. It shows our house slightly past the intersection with Green Cap. Our house is actually before you reach Green Cap. So, if you pass the intersection with Green Cap, you've gone too far. Nevertheless, it's a good map of the surrounding roads--Braddock, 7100, Colchester, and so forth.

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Map of 12175 Queen's Brigade Drive
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Directions to 12175 Queen's Brigade Drive
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