The Teppers (Don, Diane, and David)
Well, Thanksgiving is over for 2003. We hope everyone had a good time. We'll keep the Web site up for awhile. And we'll even add to it. Our newest addition is the beginning of a photo gallery.
Click here or the "Photo" button on the left to go to our first collection of photos. (These were taken by Don Tepper.) As we receive more, we'll put them up. If you've got some you'd like posted, click here to send us an e-mail.
If you'd like prints or higher resolution digital images of the pictures, please let us know.
We're pleased to be hosting Thanksgiving this year. Below you'll find the schedule for Thanksgiving day.
On other pages, you'll find

Schedule for Thanksgiving

  • Appetizers  - 2 pm
  • Dinner  - approximately 4 pm
  • Dessert - approximately 5 pm

It's been a year since David's bar mitzvah. For a photo gallery and other information about the bar mitzvah, go to

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