Renaissance Home Staging and Redesign's owner Diane Tepper not only believes in the intersection of art and science - she lives it. Diane has a diversified background in both the liberal arts and computer technology, and international exposure with extensive travel in the US and abroad. She has a Master of Arts degree in French and a Master of Science degree in Information Systems Technology. In addition, she studied architecture, as well as other subjects, as a graduate student at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. She also studied Impressionist painting and pursued other interests at the University of Grenoble in France.

Diane has lived in the Northern Virginia area for 26 years. She and her husband have owned and managed six local properties, four of them rentals. Diane has extensive experience repairing and rehabbing homes for sale, rent, and personal use.

Diane worked for 20 years as a consultant and manager in the information technology (IT) departments of local employers, such as DynCorp, PRC, and Contel-Telos. She has been the lead on a wide variety of IT projects with nationwide scope and significant dollar value. In addition, Diane taught French for two years at Indiana University.

Diane's project management, consulting, and analytical experience prepare her to bring in projects on time within budget, to interface tactfully with different individuals at all levels, and to understand needs and develop solutions.

Diane has always had a passionate interest in design. Her diversified background allows her to create and enjoy the beauty of a well-designed home, as well as that of a well-designed database or application. Both rely on fundamental design principles, as well as creative inspiration. Let Diane bring her unique combination of skills to staging your home.

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