First, we conduct an on-site inspection of your home. Recommendations for enhancement will be made based on their expected return on investment. You may choose to implement all of our recommendations, or you may selectively pick and choose based on your budget or other considerations.

Suggested enhancements will be entered into a customized database as a series of tasks (e.g., paint baseboards in kitchen, acquire/place front door wreath/hanger). An estimated cost and suggested worker will be assigned to each task. A series of summary and detail reports will then be generated and assembled into your final package.

Once you have determined which recommendations you want to have implemented, we will then provide on-site staging support. If you wish, we will coordinate with outside contractors to accomplish those tasks which require specialized expertise.

Once all staging is complete, at the discretion of your real estate agent, Renaissance Home Staging and Redesign will prepare for a "broker's open" for other agents to view the results of the staging. We'll "stage" and cater the open with the same care and attention that we apply to all of our efforts. Refreshment and supply costs will be passed on to you or your agent.

But what does home staging cost?...

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