Most real estate agents can provide common sense tips to help their client's ready their home for sale. But you may be reluctant to be as candid as you should be. Or you may not have full confidence in your design sense, particularly in homes with unusual challenges. And you're certainly not going to do the work for the seller.

That's where we come in. We can tactfully suggest enhancements that will minimize your clients' sale time and maximize the price. And we can do as much or as little of the work as they want.

What does home staging mean for you financially? An average 4.7% increase in your commission. Lower advertising costs. Plus less time on your part marketing the property - and time is money.

Do you really want to reduce your listing price if a home doesn't sell? You know that a price reduction costs the seller money. But what does a price reduction cost YOU? Goodwill, credibility, and possibly the listing - not to mention your time and money.


Home staging is a great tool to add to your service portfolio and your marketing strategy. How many agents can say that they offer this service to their sellers?

What seller wouldn't welcome the prospect of a higher price and faster sell time?

And what buyer wouldn't want to move into a home that they love?

According to a 2003 NAR survey, 74% of prospects do business with the first agent that they contact. Adding home staging to your portfolio of services can help make sure that it's you.

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