Instant Elegance is a coordinated fabric ensemble that allows you to create a designer ambiance for your home at an affordable price.

The basic Instant Elegance package includes two lined window valances (in your choice of  three classic styles), two 20" throw pillows with

Designer fabric
Simple construction
Rock-bottom price

elegant trim, and a 48" table square with optional tassels. This coordinated ensemble can generally be installed in your home in less than half an hour…and no special help is required. You can usually hang your valances on your existing curtain rods.

Click here to see sample Instant Elegance ensembles…

We're different from retail stores and custom fabricators

Retail stores sell pre-made goods in a limited range of fabrics and styles. Most don't offer high-end designer fabrics and trim, lined valances, or oversized pillows. With Instant Elegance, you select your own

Instant Elegance is the ideal solution for homeowners who want a designer look at a big-box price

fabric, valance style, and trim. Our valances are lined and our pillows are large. Plus, you receive personalized service.

Custom-made window treatments normally retail for $200 and up per window. Not everyone can afford that kind of price. But most people want window treatments that LOOK like that price. Instant Elegance will give you that look…affordably.

Three levels of service are available...

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