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AD/HD Resource Group of Northern Virginia is: 

A group of independent business professionals that provide services; consultations and support to individuals and families dealing with the impacts of AD/HD and attention deficit disorders.
Some of the services provided to the community include reference materials, education, workshops, inservice trainings, and individual support.

Services Provided by Participants Include:
  • Adult and Adolescent Coaching
  • Advocacy and Education Consulting
  • Behavior Management Strategies
  • Case Management
  • Education Options and Planning (investigation, information, and guidance)
  • Education-Home-Treatment Team Building
  • Home Schooling Considerations
  • Individual Learning Style Discovery
  • Organization and Goal Setting Skills (for school, home, and leisure time)
  • "Parent to Parent" Family Coaching and Training
  • Resources for effective evaluations and treatment support
  • Self advocacy, Self confidence, and Self-esteem building
  • Strategies for Learning and Life skills
  • Time Management and Planning Development
  • And additional support as specified*
See our About Us web page to view more information on the individual professionals, services available, and how to contact them directly.

AD/HD Resource Group of Northern Virginia
Fairfax, Virginia 22032

Phone: (703) 738-9984
Fax: (703) 953-1815

AD/HD Resource Group of Northern Virginia * Fairfax * Virginia * 22032
(703) 783-9984 (phone) * (703) 953-1815 (fax)