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You can buy a home!

Foreclosures are up at record levels. And foreclosure can and does happen to good people. People who ended up with the wrong type of mortgage. Who lost their jobs. Who ran up huge medical bills. Yes, foreclosure is happening to a lot of people.
If you've been foreclosed on, there is hope. Yes, your credit has been damaged. But it hasn't been destroyed. You can buy a home again. Maybe not this month. Maybe not next month. But maybe in a year . . . likely within a couple of years.
And the best news is that you can start today. Just as if you were buying, you can lock in a price today. And by paying an amount much lower than a mortgage, you can build up equity to be used to buy a place of your own.
In fact, using our programs, you'll build up equity much quicker than if you had a mortgage. With no threat of foreclosure if you can't or don't want to buy.
We offer serveral different "rent to own" programs. You'll pay an option fee to move in that's fully credited to your purchase price. You lock in the purchase price today, so that when prices start going back up, you'll watch your investment grow. Every month, a part of your rent will be credited toward the purchase price. And in a year or two, you'll be able to buy your home.
It really does work. Please complete the form below, so we can design a program to let you rejoin the American dream of home ownership.
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