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An Answer To A Difficult Question

When a parent, partner, or other loved one can no longer live at home, the children, spouse, or other caregiver are faced with many concerns. What is the right setting for the person? How can we pay for the care? And, often: What should we do about the home mom or dad (or other loved one) was living in? 

That can be a really tough question. I know. I've been there. Both my mother and mother-in-law developed health issues that required them--for their own health and well-being--to move out of the homes they'd spent years in.

Logically, you know that the person may never return home. You hope that they can, but they may require a level of care that can't be provided at home. Or they may no longer be able to climb the stairs, or get into or out of a tub or shower unassisted. It may not be safe for them to prepare their own food in the kitchen. You can try retrofitting a house with ramps, handles, and supports. Perhaps hire someone to visit daily, or even live with your loved one. That sometimes is enough, at least for awhile. But...not often.

We'll buy your loved one's house.

Emotionally, it can be difficult. Very difficult.
Nevertheless, the question really has to be: What's best for the loved one? Another consideration must be: What's best for the relatives and caregivers?
Often, the best answer is to sell the property. It's not doing any good sitting there empty. Or, worse, not only vacant but a magnet for thieves and burglars...or vandals. And selling the property can generate some income, helping pay for the continuing expenses of a relative or other loved one. And, as difficult as it may be, it lets everyone move on to a new chapter.
However, even if you know that selling really is the best solution, you probably face some very real problems. For example, the property often isn't in top-notch condition. I've seen properties that people have owned and lived in for 20, 30, 40 or more years. They haven't been updated in decades. What was stylish in the 1960s or 1970s is badly dated today.
Plus, the properties haven't been well maintained. The carpet is often worn. The rooms need painting. The roof may need replacing. The lawn hasn't been taken care of. The driveway has potholes. The faucets drip. There are needed repairs, both big and small.
It's not unusually for the fix-up costs to run $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 or more. You can try selling it "as is," and probably wait a long....long....time (especially in today's real estate market) for it to sell. Or you can pour that $40,000 or $50,000 into the property, dealing with all the labor and crews, to get the property into good shape. Then put it on the market and hope that it sells. (You ought to count on 1-2 months to do the repairs, then up to 6 months in today's market to sell. You've spent $40,000-$50,000 or more and may have to wait half a year or more to get that back.)
Plus, you probably don't have the time or energy to hassle with all that. You need to focus on more important things--the well-being of your loved one and, frankly, yourself and your family.
That's where we can help. We buy properties quickly, for all cash, in as-is condition. Consider those benefits to you:
You Can Sell Quickly
We can buy in weeks, not months. You can move on with your life.
You Can Sell Without Worrying About Financing
Conventional purchasing, with "conventional" mortgages, has gotten far more difficult lately. Foreclosures are up. Many lenders have gone out of business. The rest have tightened up their lending requirements. No more "100% financing" or creative "Option ARM" loans. That means fewer sales, and more offers falling through. On the other hand, we have the cash available to buy your property.
You Can Sell In As-Is Condition
We'll buy your loved one's property even if it's in below-average condition. We'll take care of the work that has to be done--the carpeting, painting, roofing, landscaping, new kitchen and baths. Don't worry about the condition it's in.
So, let's recap. You may be in a difficult place right now. The mental and financial concerns over a loved one who no longer can live at home. The concern over doing the right thing for your loved one. The need to take care of yourself and your family. Taking on the further burden of fixing up and selling your loved one's property just isn't something you're up for.
That's where we can help. We can handle that part of the picture quickly, simply, and respectfully. We can buy quickly, with the property in its current condition. We can help you put your concern over "what to do with the house" behind you. Please fill out the form below (or give us a call) and we'll give you a solution that will work for you and your loved one.

We promise: All your information will be kept strictly confidential. We promise never to sell, trade, or share your information with anyone else. We promise not to flood you with with e-mails or phone calls. We promise to respect your privacy as well as the privacy of your loved one.

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