How does your program work?           

First, we don't have a "standard program." Each owner's situation is different. A cookie-cutter approach doesn't work. So our goal is to adapt our skills and knowledge to match your needs.

The first step is to contact us. We'll do some basic research on your property. Then we'll talk to you to find out what your goals are. At this point, we will make an offer. We'll then take a look at the property just to confirm the property's condition. At this point, we may bring in our partners--other real estate entrepreneurs--or we (you and we) may go directly to the title company to make the purchase. (Almost forgot: If you live out of the area and would rather not travel back and forth, the entire transaction can be handled by e-mail and Fed-Ex.) And it's important to remember that we buy houses in "as is" condition so the responsibility for any repairs is up to us.

Will you really buy my house in "as is" condition? Isn't that just a come-on?

We really will buy your property in "as is" condition. We do factor in a property's condition, so we may offer more for a house in great condition than we would for a house needing lots of repairs. But very likely we can get those repairs done for far less than you'd pay. And repairs--from new gutters to foundation work to a new kitchen--don't scare us like they'd scare most buyers. So not only do you save your money--you don't have to pay for repairs--but you save the time and hassle of finding and dealing with contractors and other professionals. We handle all that.

How long does the process take?

Typically it takes 45-60 days. Sometimes it's faster.

Why should I deal with you, and not just list with a Realtor?

Good question. The difference is this: We'll make you an offer. When you list with a Realtor, the agent isn't buying the property. He or she is going to try to find a buyer for your property. If your property is in great condition and priced right, it should sell quickly. But rental and vacant properties often aren't in great condition. Some haven't been updated recently. Others need paint, carpet, landscaping, and more. Some need new kitchens and baths. Good Realtors--and there are many--will be very honest with you about what your property needs. But if you're halfway across the country and just want to sell the property, you may not want to spend a month or more--and tens of thousands of dollars--getting it into shape. You just want to sell it. And that's where we come in.

Oh, and one other difference: If you list with a Realtor, you'll pay a commission. Commissions are negotiable but--just to give an example--on a $400,000 property you might end up paying $24,000 in commissions. There's no commission involved when we buy. 

Who are you? Tell me about yourself.

Solutions 3D LLC is a limited liability corporation registered in Virginia. It has engaged in various real estate projects, from owning rental properties to doing property rehabs. Its manager is Donald Tepper, a real estate entrepreneur and a Realtor licensed in Virginia (#225176678). He is a native of Northern Virginia.

I get cards and letters from other people saying they'll buy my house. Why should I call you?

Excellent question. First, as pointed out above, the manager of Solutions 3D is a native of Northern Virginia. He's lived here all his life--in Falls Church, Clifton, and Fairfax. He knows the area and its many communities. He cares about the area. Second, also pointed out above, the manager is a Realtor licensed in Virginia. That means he's required to observe various laws and codes of ethics that other real estate investors aren't required to do. (Many are very ethical. You just may feel more comfortable knowing that there are laws, regulations, and codes of ethics acting as a "safety net" for you.)

I live outside of Virginia. Does that mean you're not interested in buying my property? 

Not at all. We're interested in properties in Virginia and across the United States. If you own a property, regardless of location, please call us at 703-239-4212 or fill out the form on this page.