Most buyers are looking for an uncluttered home with a free-flowing floor plan and a bright, clean interior. Can you honestly say that your home meets this standard? Most don't. Why? Because the way you live in a home and the way you market a home are two different things.

You may love your rose-colored walls, but not everyone will. You may treasure your child's bowling trophies. But they may prevent a potential buyer from seeing your place as their home. Your home may be clean enough for your family. But not clean enough for your buyers. And your charming décor may be seen by a buyer as fussy and old-fashioned.

Most buyers lack the imagination to view a home the way it
could be. They only see it as it is. You may have a lovely home. But if it doesn't match the buyer's lifestyle and taste, they will move on.

Do you really have the time, the interest, the ability, or the aptitude to prepare your home for sale? Most people don't.

So let us handle it for you. We can transform your home into the relaxing but stylish environment that home buyers look for. And we can usually do it using your current furnishings - plus a few well-chosen extras. Using home staging.

what is home staging?...

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